Unite the champions

OOO LEVEL99 We are an international company that offers its clients a full range of Internet marketing services. Our team of experienced professionals implements projects of any complexity, helps companies to promote their brands and products in today's digital environment. At the moment we support 17 products popular in the European Union. LEVEL99 management is smart at hiring, promoting and firing. Therefore, we have stars in every position. A great work environment means amazing colleagues. Imagine that you respect and learn from each person in the company. Therefore, first of all, your soft skills and how comfortable it will be for you to work with us, and for us with you, are important to us.

We need a rare responsible person:
Self motivated
With self awareness
With self-discipline
With self improvement
Acts like a leader
Doesn't wait to be told what to do
Who will always pick up trash from the floor

Our model is to increase employee freedom along with our growth, not limit it, continue to attract and inspire innovative people in order to have a better chance of sustainable success.

If our views are the same - act!